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Architecture & Engineering

We create and develop our designs under our clear idea of Architecture, speaking a contemporary language.

Our Architecture is inclined to build clean spaces addressed to body, mind and eyes.

Spaces that are spiritual and real at the same time and in which people find a full wellness;

We believe in:

  • An Architecture that is already on site, inherent with places; we do not create things; we just discover the existing ones.
  • Energy efficient and sustainable projects that use natural lighting as primary construction material.
  • An honest and fair process that engages clients in understanding needs and optimizes resources, results, times and costs; without undermining quality and guaranteeing transparency and competitive prices.
We are involved with passion and professionality in:

  • New building and refurbishing.
  • Extensions.
  • Conversions.
  • Renovating and remodelling.
  • Interior design.
As a result of a holistic vision of Architecture, we use an integrated and unified approach to the project, from start to completion, including the following stages:

  • Assisting the client to prepare a strategic brief.
  • Carrying out feasibility studies and options appraisals.
  • Advising on the need to appoint other professionals.
  • Advising on procurement routes.
  • Contributing to the preparation of a project brief.
  • Preparing the concept design.
  • Preparing the detailed design.
  • Preparing planning applications.
  • Preparing applications for statutory approvals (such as building regulations).
  • Preparing production information.
  • Preparing tender documentation.
  • Contributing to the assessment of tenders.
  • Reviewing designs prepared by others.
  • Acting as contract administrator.
  • Inspecting the works.